7 Best Call Waiting Apps For Android & iOS

Sometimes in life, You’re in a situation when you’re in a call on the phone and you will get another but you don’t know. In this situation, you need to call waiting for app to received another call immediately. Here we’ll share with you some best calls waiting for apps for android. This mobile application is very useful for you also easy to use on your android devices so let’s check out.

1) Call Waiting Enabler

The application can be easily used in situations when your operator blocks the ability to receive an incoming call. The application requires some permissions to activate the function. But if your operator doesn’t support call waiting, the utilities will be useless.

2) World Phone

World Phone is the all in one multifunctional iOS app for managing numerous telecommunication operations. It provides high quality telephone networks, for example, to make your calls even easier.

In addition, this programe becomes your contact lists management assistant. Thus, all your contacts from various sources are combined in one spot. This integration will hence simplify calling in a manner.

If you receive voice mails often, the app is also a requirement. It gives you access to voice mail navigation, searching and management. Here, you will also be able to listen, read and call directly in-app.

3) Call Waiting Ringer free

Call Waiting Ringer free is one of the great app for android users. Every time a call is received, you can choose an umbrella to make it sound. In addition, the software offers you volume definition. This is why this tool keeps you informed about another caller also. You’ll have to talk into the mike to silence the ringtone.  As for other capabilities, it even works for text messages when you call.

4) Call Waiting Ringtones

Similarly, you will be informed by the application about the second line appearance during a call by playing a tone. The same function is also distributed at the moment of waiting to incoming SMS messages. You can also set your particular melody for each contact so you can find out who your subscriber is calling without separating you from the telephone.

5) Call Waiting Announcer

The application facilitates telephone speech – now you don’t have to take your telephone away from your ear when you talk on the mobile and receive an incoming call to see who is calling you. The program informs you of the availability of your contact list by voice message and calls the contact. You can also send the subscriber a text message with a whistle or just snaps your fingers.

6) LucyPhone

This is an intelligent application that hangs on your line and gives a message when a live person takes the phone. You don’t have to build up anger by listening to a distressing call melody.

7) Call Wait Vibrate

The application is not different to other applications for example, the phone is notified with a vibration ping when a second line or incoming SMS message appears during a call. It’s not hard to adapt the tool.

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