Fix: Failed linking file resources

Have you received the message “Android resource link failed” while using Android Studio? If so then don’t worry this is a common error and if you’re looking solution to resolve this error then we’ll guide you. We assure you that it’s not a serious error. You can fix it using the following guide. But before if you don’t know why it causes the error “Failed linking file resources” then the answer is below.

What is causing the error Failed linking file resources occurred?

In short the error occurred due to a typo in an attribute on XML file.

The error will appear when Gradle encounters an error in one or more XML files

Although most XML files are in the res folder, you may still find some outside the res folder. The AndroidManifest.xml in “/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml” is an example of this. Here’s an example of a “Error: failed file resource link “layout file error.

How to Solve Failed linking file resources Error

There are actually a few things we can fix Failed linking file resources Error. So lets checkout the below solutions.

Using Gradle Panel

Using gradle panel you can solve this issue.

  • Go to the Gradle Panel
  • select your module
  • After select Task
  • Then click on Verification
  • And Check.

This will check the project for errors and will print the log where the error occurs. Most of the time this Kind of error must be a typo present in your XML file of your project

Undo XML File

Most times, before you experience this problem, you are already halfway through a project. This means that the problem was caused with a recent change to one of your XML files. If so, you can trying to undo your recent XML file modification. Use the key combination: Ctrl+Z for undoing.

Open every XML file

The last solution is just to open each XML file in your project (Without scanning). That is because Android Studio sometimes detects the error and impacts it after opening the XML problem file.

We hope this article helpful for you and fix the android studio error “Failed linking file resources” but if you still get error then contact android studio team they help you.

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