65+ Best Extratorrents Proxy: Unblock Mirror and its Alternatives (Mar 2024)

Torrenting is an illegal act in many countries they have an rules and regulations, but still people visit a torrent sites like Extratorrent. The popularity of Extratorrent are increasing day by day due to its offering the latest movies and shows as soon as they are released.

This is the best part of the site, but as a torrent platform, it was banned in many countries by authorities because it illegally provides copyrighted content.

NOTE: Netflix had a total net income of nearly 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2023,

What is Extratorrents?

Extratorrent was founded in the year 2005 and became famous among the top 5 torrent websites. They gained lots of popularity from all over the globe. It uses a P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing protocol to share, download and upload content. Each torrent comes with several seeders and leechers, uploader information, file size, and date. Users can easily access files and download them on their devices using the BitTorrent software.

These clones and mirror sites had bad luck because most countries (including the US, UK, India, Australia, and Canada ) governments blocked these sites and were not accessible to users. These sites redistributed copyrighted content such as movies, anime, TV shows, Software, etc which is completely illicit.

Extratorrent is no longer accessible for users so we will provide you the Extratorrent proxy and mirror sites that help you to unblock official. The proxy and mirror are the best ways to unblock the original website and download your favorite content without any hassle.

Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy and this information is for educational purposes only.

New Extratorrents Proxy Sites

Nowadays, the internet is an essential thing to everyone, you get almost all things for free. When comes to streaming platforms, several free streaming websites, are available without any cost. Extratorrents also offers movies and shows that’s why is popular among users.

But suddenly the site was down in some countries, we know that it a sad news for you but don’t worry we have mentioned some proxy sites that you can use and access the content from it.

Extrtorrents Proxy sitesStatus
Extrtorrent Proxy 1 Online
Extratorrent Proxy 2Active
Extratorrent Proxy 3Active
Extratorrent Proxy 4Online
Extratorrent Proxy 5Active
Extratorrent Proxy 6Online
Extratorrent Proxy 7 100% Working
Extratorrent Proxy 8Active
Extrtorrent Proxy 9 100% Working
https://extratorrent.to/proxy.php 100% Working
http://extratorrents.unblockall.org/ (NEW LINK)
 100% Working

How Can I Access the VPN To Unblock Extratorrents?

Using a virtual private network, you can access Extratorrents without any restrictions. Please be aware, though, that visiting websites that potentially contain illicit or copyrighted content is prohibited in many jurisdictions.

To access a VPN and unblock Extratorrents, follow these steps:

1: First, you need to select the VPN services there are tons of freemium services but we suggest you always use a reliable and paid VPN to access the Extratorrents. (You can use CyberGhost VPN, ExpressVPN )

2: Download and Install the VPN Client, after signing up for a VPN service. There are various VPN clients for (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and others)

3: Launch the VPN software and log in using your login information.

4: You can select a server location from a list of accessible servers for the majority of VPN services.

5: To connect to the selected server, click the “Connect” or “Start” button in the VPN client.

6: Your actual IP address will be hidden once connected as your internet traffic is routed through this server.

7: After establishing the VPN connection, launch your web browser and go to the Extratorrents website.

8: You should be able to access the website because it will look like you are surfing from the server location you have chosen.

Note: Remember that even while a VPN can allow you to access websites that are prohibited, it doesn’t give you permission to commit crimes. Always only use the VPN for authorized, legal purposes.

New Extratorrents Mirror Sites

The emergence of new Extratorrents mirror sites is very helpful for you to unblock official Extratorrents. These sites are similar to the original website, and you can access all content that is available on the site without any restrictions.

So let’s check the Extratorrents mirror sites.

Extrtorrents Miror sitesStatus
Extrtorrent Mirror 1Online
Extratorrent Mirror 2Online
Extratorrent Mirror 3 100% Working
Extratorrent Mirror 4Active
Extratorrent Mirror 5Active
Extratorrent Mirror 6 100% Working
Extratorrent Mirror 7Online
Extratorrent Mirror 8 100% Working
Extratorrent Mirror 9Active

Extratorrents Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Extratorrents then we have gathered a list of some of the best alternatives. These websites offer a similar range of content and have become increasingly popular due to their free services.

Why you blocked on Extratorrents?

If you are thinking about why you are blocked then piracy is the main reason the website, Extratorrents hosted the copyrighted content on its server. As you know Piracy refers to the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted content which is illegal in many countries like India, the UK, Australia, France, and others. Moreover, using this website you’re not secure.

Is Extratorrents proxies always Accessible?

If you think you’re blocked on the original website, then you can access extratorrent proxy and mirror sites, then the answer is “NO” The government keeps its eyes on such proxy and mirror sites and block them so that people can not access them. If you want to unblock the site accessing the content then use VPN.

How to Download Content from Extratorrents?

1: Go to your Browser search Extratorrents and click on one of the sites.

2: Once you land on the homepage of the website you will see the search bar, just type your title into the search box (no matter what, you can enter any title of the movies, shows, series, games, software, and others)  and click on the search icon.

3: Once you have found your Title you will be redirected to the next webpage from where you can see the download button.

4: Just click on the download button, and the popup box opens on the screen, on that you can choose one of the options “open torrent” or “cancel”. 

5: Click On the open torrent, you will be redirected to the torrent application, open it and click on the OK button, and download your content.

6: Keep in mind, it will take some time to download content, mostly it depends on the file size so don’t panic.

7: Once downloaded and completed you enjoy your favorite content.


That’s all about Extratorrents proxy and mirror sites, if you are facing the issue of accessing content from Extratorrents just use Extratorrents proxy and mirror sites to download torrents for free. If you’re using another Extratorrents proxy then do share with us through comments.

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