How To Fix Error Code MED 4005 on Crunchyroll

Are you using Crunchyroll and suddenly you get messaged with the error code MED 4005 on the website? Then don’t worry we are helping you to fix the code on Crunchyroll.

What is Crunchyroll?

It is a streaming website that offers a large number of anime, cartoons, manga, and other animated video. It is completely free and easy to access a website. It provides premium content without any cost or subscription fees so many people love this website and they are spending lots of time on this website. It has a simple and quick user interface every single anime title is listed in a particular category

But there are many people who are facing problems with Crunchyroll and they get an error with ‘Oops! Something Went Wrong,’ this is a 4005 error code. So we have come up with a solution to fix this error code MED4005 so let’s check the below guide.

Why Its occred error code MED 4005?

There are several reasons, why you will get the error message MED 4005, The most common reason is that you are using an outdated version of Chrome, the second reson is that, your internet connection is slow, and the Third one is your browser cookies.

6 ways to fix the error code MED 4005

Here are simple and easy ways to fix error code MED 4005

Update your Chrome browser

Sometimes MED 4005 error code occurs if you are using an outdated version of Chrome, Chrunyroll does not work with the old Chrome, so at this time, you need to update your Chrome browser with the new version. If it’s already been updated and still facing an issue check the next method.

Use fast Internet speed

As we know that internet connection is a basic need for online websites. Chrunyroll has a long list of titles of anime so it takes some time to load episodes. Some anime come with high-definition quality so they always use a fast and reliable data connection to load the video.

Clear browsing cache and cookies

Your browser saves your all login information and activity that you are doing on the internet. So that you are not unable to login or access Crunchyroll or other websites you need to clear your browsing cache and cookies that have been saved in your browser.


Crunchyroll is a streaming website that was banned in several countries due to its policies, regulations, and lack of legal licensing. Hence, using a VPN you can unblock Chrunhyroll and access their content and fix the error code med 4005.

Forum answer

Forum is one of the best solutions if you’re facing an error code on Crunchyroll, this website has their own forum page where people can communicate with each other and discuss their queries so that you can share your error code MED4005 on this page and get solution from various people over the world.

Contact customer support

If still facing an problem with this website you can contact to support team of Crunchyroll they are open 24 hours. They strongly recommend their users, if they have any issues they can contact us without any hesitation.


This is all about Error code MED 4005 on Chryubroll that is facing people nowadays. These listed 6 ways will help you to solve your error and you are enjoying your anime without any difficulties.

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