How to change the screensaver on your Roku streaming device

When your Roku streaming player is not in use, a screensaver is an application that fills the TV screen with moving images or patterns. Screensavers were developed to avoid phosphor burn-in on older televisions, but they are now mainly used for entertainment. One way to personalise your Roku experience is to alter the screensaver. Your Roku system comes with a variety of screensavers.

How to access the Screensaver menu on Roku device?

Once a screensaver is installed on your Roku device, you can change to that screensaver or define the wait time by accessing the Screensaver menu.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Pick Settings by scrolling up or down.
  3. Open the Screensaver menu by choosing Screensaver.
  4. Use the steps below to change or alter the current screensaver and identify the new one once the Screensaver menu is open.

Change the screensaver

  1. Select Screensaver from the drop-down menu.
  2. Pick any screensaver from the list and choose Preview to see a preview of how it will look.
  3. You can change the highlighted screensaver by selecting Custom settings when additional settings are available. Tap Preview to see how any changes will appear.
  4. When you’ve gone through all of the options, highlight the screensaver name and save it with the OK button on your Roku remote.

How to Define Wait Time

  1. Choose the amount of time you want to wait.
  2. You can select how long your Roku system waits before starting the screensaver, or you can turn it off completely.
  3. To save, press the OK button on your Roku remote

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