How to Clear Clipboard on Android

  1. Android smartphones are millions of choices nowadays most people addicted to android devices. Its user-friendly, straightforward interface.
  2. While the budget-friendly smartphone option appears to be available, the smartphone has several functions.
  3. This is all about the clipboard, which is one of Android’s most important but fundamental features.
  4. A clipboard is an integrated option with all Android phones. It is the place where all the selected or copied content is saved temporarily.
  5. The content, links, graphics and more are part of the program. The current entry removes the oldest history of the clipboard. So some of the entries on the clipboard will be placed. Luckily users can clean Android.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android?

Is a simplest way to clear clipboard follow the steps.

  • Go to any app that lets you copy contents to clipboard.
  • Simply long press a word, drag the slider and select the contents
  • Choose Copy option.

This will automatically clear the previously copied content on the clipboard.

How to Clear Clipboard Other Android Smartphones?

  • Open Messages app.
  • select inside the empty space on the text press and select Clipboard.
  • The copied contents of the clipboard are displayed. To the right corner of the text field, press the menu icon(three dots or arrow).
  • To delete all the contents of the clipboard, use the delete icon at the bottom.
  • On the pop-up, click Delete to erase all unselected contents from the clipboard or click and hold the clipboard and select Delete from the clipboard option.

You can follow the above steps to clean your Android clipboard very easily. You can try to remove the cache and the information of your app on Android settings by using clipboard apps on your Android device.

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