How To Delete More Than 50 Emails In Gmail

I ‘m sure you have had this problem when you use Gmail. Delete more than 50 emails in the Gmail inbox at one time. Unless you’re not conscientious about deleting emails or filing them into several folders, you can quickly accumulate hundreds if not thousands of emails in your inbox, as you might imagine. It’s easier to categorize your inbox with Gmails introducing custom tabs; (Primary, Social & Promotions) but on the flip side, it makes it incredibly easy to accumulate thousands of emails before clearing your inbox. Follow the steps you can easily delete the emails.

Step 1: Sign in your Gmail account, click on the blank square shown in the example below at the top. This will allow you to pick all messages on the screen which will be in your inbox for the top 50 emails.

This still doesn’t solve the problem of deleting more than 50 emails from your Gmail inbox at one time. Whether you have emails from months or years ago in your inbox there’s a very easy way to erase them all.

Step 2 : Look for the “Select all xxxx conversation in primary” option, this allows you to select more than 50 emails to delete in your inbox.

Step 3: After you click the “select all conversations in the primary”. Then just one click the delete icon (or archive if you wish). But before you massively delete or archive your inbox files, you’re going to want to go through your inbox to make sure you don’t have any important files you’d like to hold.

In this way you will delete more than 50 emails in gmail with in seconds.

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