How To Secure Yahoo Account From Hackers

Do you worry about how to secure Yahoo Account from hackers? Then here, you are in the right spot or site. This article will contain all the information that gives full measures to make a secure Yahoo account.  

Yahoo is a well-known name among the users and didn’t need any introduction. But with the recent years, it has encountered many hacking cases. This makes the users worry about their account as they think “Is Yahoo Mail secure?” Users themselves allow hackers to attack on their account by opening all the doors.  For the user’s information, Yahoo has a recycling policy that states that anybody can use your email id after one month of deletion.

It simply means that hackers can open another account via your old Yahoo username.  And can reset the password by sending reset requests so that they can easily access your linked services. So, to protect Yahoo mail accounts, one has to read this article thoroughly.

How to Secure Yahoo Account from Hacking with Some DIY Methods?

Is Your Yahoo Mail Account Safe? If not, then use these manual techniques.

Different measures that protect the user’s account from hackers. Users had to take care of these measures so that your account remains fully encrypted. I will discuss these measures here users can use them from the article. This article will tell the procedure on how to secure Yahoo Account from hackers? So, If the users who want to encrypt their Yahoo Mail, then use these five ways to improve the account security.

DIY Strategies to Make a Secure Yahoo Account:

 1. Alter the Password

This is the most basic thing that any user should know. Users should keep their password strong enough that it can’t be decoded easily. They should keep their password personal i.e don’t give their password to others. Because the user will lose its security that will make their account easy to access. As anyone can change your password and can misuse your account. Even if you have a strong password it is recommended to keep their password changing. 

Yahoo is one of the oldest email services that offer different features to its users. But it is prone to hacking and it has been hacked several times in recent years. Thus, Yahoo itself recommended to all its users to alter their passwords if they hadn’t. It is safe to protect the user’s stolen passwords as hackers might break the encryption if they are resolute.  

Users can use these following instructions to change their password. These are- 

  • To change the user’s password, visit Yahoo on your PC or mobile device > Account security page > tap on the “Change password” > enter and verify the new password > tap on Continue.
  • Users are asked to eliminate the answers of the security questions that were hacked earlier as it is not protected. Thus, it is recommended to eliminate the security questions from the user’s account. And, use an alternative email address or mobile number as the extra security measure. If the user has updated their email or phone number, then the security questions will automatically be removed.
  • Users can get rid of the security questions, Move to the Account Settings > Account security > Turn off the security questions > on the page with the user’s security questions, snap on “Yes, secure my account” > hit Continue.
  • To attach another recovery option, visit the Account security > tap Email addresses or Phone numbers > hit on Add recovery [email address] [phone number] > go along with the on-screen prompts.

2. Update other sites

Many users use the same password and security questions on different sites. This can be dangerous as hackers can easily penetrate these sites and can misuse it. Thus, to avoid this situation, users have to change their password and security questions across these sites too.

3. Turn on Two-Step Verification

To have tight security and encrypted Yahoo email accounts, users can enable two-factor verification. Users should use the password that is strong enough to decode. It is necessary to perform as it decreases the possibility of being hacked because if the user’s account gets hacked. Then, hackers can easily have access to the user’s email and phone number. This can be a worrisome situation as then it will operate according to the hacker’s will.  Also, for online transactions try to use a phone number that you don’t use it any longer.

  1. First, visit the Account Security section to turn on two-factor verification.
  2. Now, turn on the two-step verification and enter a phone number that will be asked to confirm it.
  3. Once it is completed, the verification mode will be turned on.

      4Upgrade the Recovery Information

This is an important feature for the users so that they can attach the contact information to the Yahoo account if they get logged out. This permits the user to use another email address or your phone number to regain the account. Thus, one should update this info in time before it’s late.

  1. First, visit the Account Info > Account security tab again.
  2. Now, attach any contact details you often use under Phone numbers and Email addresses.
  3. Next, choose the Add recovery email/phone, and enter the proper info.
  4. Then, for phones, users will get a verification code through SMS or a call. In case, users attach a new email address then they will get a message with a link to confirm the address.

      5.  Remove the Connected Services

Connected services help the hackers to approach the user’s social media accounts just by hacking the user’s Yahoo account. Thus. users should disconnect to all other connected services from their Yahoo account.

  1. To eliminate the connected accounts from Yahoo, visit the Settings and tap on More Settings.
  2. Next, the settings page will display, from where the user has to choose the Social Accounts to see all the other connected services.
  3. Finally, eliminate the accounts from the list. So that users can avoid the leak of their information regarding other accounts and services from hackers.

      6. Transfer data from Yahoo Mail

To make Yahoo mail stronger and protected from the hackers. It is advised to the users to migrate from Yahoo mail to another client. Users can opt for any email client, nowadays Gmail is the best option to opt. For your information, Gmail offers the easy importing of emails and contacts from the available Yahoo mail accounts.

  1. First, users can import into Gmail by opening the Gmail email. Visit the Settings.
  2. Then, tap on the Accounts and Import tab and choose the Import mail and contacts option.
  3. Users will be asked to enter their Yahoo id. Once it is completed, users can easily import their Yahoo emails into Gmail.

So these were the manual techniques that anyone can perform for free. Users have to perform these techniques carefully as data loss is probable. 

While doing above methods, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is to take a backup of your Yahoo account immediately. To do so immediately, just use Yahoo Backup Tool which ensures full data backup without any issues. 

Important Points to Remember to Secure Yahoo Account from Hacking:

Is Yahoo Mail safe 2020? 

The tight security used on one’s computers can prevent data loss or information. As this decreases the doubt of the users of Yahoo security. Thus, it is necessary to have a strong password as even the effective anti-virus software can’t catch every virus. Thus, it will ultimately prevent every hacking method. If your password is weak enough then even the malware can steal your passwords. And thus, your Yahoo account can be stolen.

1.Generate a sign-in seal when the user logs in. It is available on the Yahoo mail login screen under “Are You Protected?” Whenever a user enables or mark a tick on its mail, then, a sign-in seal appears. This is shown as a message or an image.  It simply shows the authenticity of the site. Once the users make their choice, tap “Save this Seal.” Users are required to recreate the sign-in seal in case users delete their browser’s cookies.

2. Now, create a different password for every Yahoo account. It is necessary because utilizing the same password can make an account more vulnerable. Because the hacker is required to steal one password of the user. So that he can access all accounts.

3. Now, Hover the cursor over the links in the email to inspect the domain before tapping them. Avoid phishing emails. Because they are created to be real but ultimately redirect you to the fake page. Hence, it is necessary to inspect the link beforehand to see if it will send you to the original website. If not then, report the email to Yahoo.

4. Finally, update your antivirus program and run it all the time. This is necessary to make a line that will keep the malicious software off of your computer. Take care of your account and scrutinize suspicious files. Avoid opening an attachment that arrives from the unknown source. 


The article is about the different approaches on how to secure Yahoo Account from hackers? These approaches will protect Yahoo mail account

Of the users from the hackers. One should opt these steps to make their account more safe and sound.

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