Charahub: Sites Like Charahub and Alternatives

Unfortunately, charahub has been shut down for some reasons. CharaHub was a popular place to store information on and get inspiration for all of your favorite characters like from fandom. It allows you to create or share characters and keep your story organized. After the shut down of charahub tons of charahub alternatives come up on the internet where people can find their requirements.

Here we’ll list the better Charahub similar sites , both free and paid websites that you can use for  Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.

1) oyhouse

The Toyhouse is an excellent choice for character development, trading, and word-building. It is, in reality, a society dedicated to the creation of artistic and collaborative character. You can create an infinite number of characters and worlds using the service. You can also link your characters to other people’s characters. The website also includes comment and forum pages, as well as the ability to connect via social media. This is one of the best Charahub alternatives, it is only available to those who have been invited. And only premium users have the ability to submit invites.

2) World Anvil

Writers, gamemasters, and other storytellers can use World Anvil to store, organize, and monitor their worldbuilding. It’s yet another fantastic choice for almost all of your character and other artistic needs. You can choose from over 25 different templates. It will help you have a more immersive reading experience for your readers. You can include images, maps, music, and even sound effects in your works and access them at any time. It should be an excellent writing tool and a worthy addition to the Charahub alternatives.

3) is an excellent option for writers, designers, and role players. You can access the core building blocks of fictional worlds (characters, places, and items) as well as customised writing prompts set in your world, limitless document storage, and access to a vibrant community of other worldbuilders with a free account.

4) Realm Works

Realm Works makes it simple to build stories and worlds. It has the potential to be the ideal method for conducting campaigns for any game master. It gives you the ability to build and control your environment in ways you’ve never seen before. The service is a fantastic way to make the world a more interesting and vibrant place.


One of the best Charahub alternatives, it should be a great option for portraits, interactive maps, and, of course, music. It can also be a simple way to create the ideal RPG material – whether it’s for a game or something else entirely. Build a variety of vibrant worlds, plan and record your stories, and customise your creations. You’ll be able to browse a variety of places, characters, factions, and stories.


It should be one of the excellent Charahub alternatives and should serve as an excellent choice for storing your creative offerings since it is a completely free tool. The site has a small number of users. You can easily create and share all of your characters’ references. It should be one of the best choices for almost all of your artistic, word-building, and role-playing needs. You can also choose from a wide variety of customization options. It’s one of the most useful free tools you’ll come across.

7) NovaScriber

NovaScriber, one of the best Charahub alternatives, and you’ll be able to keep track of your characters and locations with ease. It’s also one of the most promising content-creation solutions available. Write novels, short stories, and conduct studies. NovaScriber is an ideal choice for almost all of your needs, including outlining and writing your novels from the ground up. The platform gives you access to one of the best choices for a comprehensive collection of features that can help you simplify your writing and create an exceptional experience.

8) Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the most impressive and enhanced experiences you’ve ever had. This could be an excellent solution if you were using Charahub and now the lack of Charahub is causing you problems. You’d be able to create your manuscript piece by piece. It gives you access to almost all under the sun, including fiction and nonfiction resources, icons and models, collections, and metadata.

Heres the end of the list of the best Charahub alternatives hope you liked the article and helpful.

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