How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

A core aspect of the Twitch experience is Twitch chat, enabling streamers to connect with their viewers in ways that are completely exclusive to the platform. Beyond easy communication, it also has meaning. Your chat logs provide important user input and response information that can inform how you develop and brand content.

While Twitch has enhanced its moderation tools in recent years, it still takes a little bit of searching to locate and access your Twitch Chat Logs. We’ll get into the reasons why you should review your Twitch Chat Logs in this post, as well as the various methods for doing so. We will also discuss several third-party methods that will be beneficial for long-term users.

Why You Should Check Your Twitch Chat Logs

Search username:

It is free to build a Twitch account and takes virtually no time at all. While this has been useful for the growth of the platform, it can also be abused to avoid timeouts and bans. A banned user can, in some instances, log into another account and continue to abuse your chat. When an account is created and what kind of comments it leaves, your Twitch Chat Log will show you.

Collect Audience Data:

A quick skim of the comments of your viewers will give you an idea of what games or activities they enjoyed, what sections of your stream they found boring, and the overall opinion of your viewers on your stream. It is important to consider how your audience reacts to the content you provide.

Inappropriate comments:

Twitch has really cracked down on offensive actions or remarks, and much of the responsibility of keeping the site safe falls on streamers and mods. This is why it is critical for streamers to check their chat logs periodically for possible breaches of Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS). Even if you are not aware of the divisive comments in your chat, you could lose your channel if your viewers regularly break the TOS.

Review Feedback: Smaller channels can receive comments and feedback from their viewers about how their channel can be improved. You may even get invites via your chat to collaborate with other streamers. You can go back and revisit reviews and relevant comments anytime you like, with the Twitch Chat Log.

4 ways to Check Your Twitch Chat Logs

Using usernames:

Twitch chat logs can be checked by both streamers and administrators by clicking on usernames in a chat. You need to click on the (/user username) command and get a variety of viewer details. The number and content of messages sent by users will include the details. You will also be able to verify the number of user timeouts and the number of bans earned from the users.

 Using Chatbots:

Like Nightbot, Twitch chatbots are automated software that helps moderate your chat and filter it. They also allow you to add special characteristics to your chat and help make the experience of the viewer unique. In order to keep a full and searchable log of all the comments in your conversation, several chatbots can be configured. This is the fastest and easiest way to locate the exact comment you’re searching for.

Even after the stream has ended, activating a bot in your chat will automatically start gathering chat data that you can peruse at your leisure. Your chatbot won’t be able to monitor comments that have never been triggered in chats, so if you’re just thinking about using a bot to analyse past chats right now, that’s not going to be possible. You should certainly look into deploying a chatbot if you’re thinking of bringing your Twitch channel to the next level.

Using VOD:

This approach allows you to view comments that have been deleted by a moderator, and that information can not be accessed by username search and third party programmes. You’ll need to go through the chat history of your VOD if you’d like to re-evaluate a ban or suspension.

There is just one drawback. You won’t be able to see any of the mod comments that the audience has deleted. The condition can be difficult when your audience raises issues of being given a timeout or being blocked.

Use a Third-party Program

The tools offered by Twitch for chat tracking can not be sufficient for your purposes. In order to set up chat logs to track feedback in the long term, several streamers switch to third-party programmes. Chatty, a Java-based, open-source chat app that comes with a lot of features to help streamers and mods track and monitor their chat, is one of the most common solutions.

Its gui is inspired by conventional IRC clients, so using it is a bit of a learning curve. Chatty will not record your chats by default, and after some time, it will remove older messages.

Conclusion :

Here we have discussed various approached that are very easy to understand. Among the ones listed above, the best way to search your Twitch chat logs is to find out. It will have a positive impact on making a huge effect and exciting channel for viewers to search the Twitch chat logs. We hope you liked our brief and quick Twitch Chat Logs article.

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