36+ Best Tamilblasters Proxy: Unblock Mirror and its Alternatives (Mar 2024)

Are you can’t access the original Tamilblasters and Looking for a Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites then you’re in the right place. In this article we will share with you some working Tamilblasters proxy sites using these websites you can not only unblock the mirror of Tamilblasters but also you can access their content.

Here are the Tamilblasters proxy sites to unblock Tamilblasters mirrors in your regions.

Tamilblasters proxy sitesStatus
https://www.1tamilblasters.tel/ Working

The above Tamilblasters proxies help you to unblock Tamilblasters sites. In most regions these websites not working but by using a VPN you can access it.

What is Tamilblasters?

Tamilblasters is the most popular torrent that offers pirated South Indian movies and shows. Moreover, it leaked many movies and shows without any legal rights. This website faced legal issues so it was removed from the internet and many ISPs. The main reason for banned websites is due to the content they are provided without any authority.

This is one of the reasons many people do not access the website in their countries and they want the solution to download the Tamil Hindi dubbed movies.

Thanks to the many Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites that are available on the web, Tamilblasters is one of the best proxy sites that recently gained lots of visitors all over the globe.

How to unblock Tamilblasters ?

Many streaming websites offer free content, but always finding the best resources is one of the missions for people. As we know many OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer premium content with some fees but everyone can not afford it. so that’s why there are sites like Tamilblasters Platform are born.

Tamilblasters gives all the facilities to its visitors to download fresh or new movies and shows as soon as they are released in theaters or OTT platforms so that is why it’s one of the famous places among users.

Unblocking Tamilblasters using mirror sites is the easiest way, the mirror websites have the same domain and different IP addresses. here are some mirror sites to unblock Tamilblasters .

Tamilblsters mirror sitesStatus
https://www.1tamilblasters.tel/ (New URL)Working
https://1tamilblasters.net/ (Mirror)Down

Tamilblasters Alternatives in 2024

If some reason Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites not working for you then you can try other Tamilblasters alternatives, these sites are similar to Tamilblasters also you can easily access them in your region.

Is there an application for the Tamilblasters ?

There is an APK for Tamilblasters , which you can download and install on your Android devices. The APK is simple to use and you can download the various movies and shows. The APK is operational and you can use it from any location and region. just start to follow the steps that they ask you and download your favorite content using a stable internet connection.

Is Real Tamilblasters back Online?

Tamilblasters official websites are banned in many regions and even countries due to the law of infringement. As a result, tons of clones or mirrors are popup on the web. It looks the same as the original website so people are confused the official Tamilblasters is back online but there is no original site of Tamilblasters .

Is Tamilblasters a Worthy website?

Yes, it is a completely worthwhile site, it offers a large range of content no matter which films or series you are looking for you get each content without spending any money from your pocket. Moreover, the video and audio quality of content is good, also you don’t need to download any extra software. You can download as many movies as you want. The search option gives users a hassle-free experience. Users can be streaming as well as download content without limitations. It is a mobile-friendly website and has a Tamilblasters app available on the Google Play Store from there users can install it for their Android devices.

Is Tamilblasters Proxy or Mirror Sites Safe?

Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites are free to access also they provide compressive content that includes, movies, TV shows, and much more. Keep in mind the Tamilblasters Proxy & Mirror Sites are not safe to access and download content if you do you may face some problems. Moreover, The Tamilblasters Proxy & Mirror Sites come with different domains also they are hosted on various servers that may contain viruses and malware that injects your devices and harm your data and your privacy. So if you want to stay away from this activity then we recommend you use the best antivirus and VPN while you’re visiting these proxy sites.

Is Tamilblasters Legal?

Using Tamilblasters and its Proxy/Mirror sites is not legal to use. It’s not fit in the law because they have provided all the content from third-party websites without taking actual owner permission. If you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content then it’s not a legal way. Also, copyright holders may even take legal action against you.


That’s all about Tamilblasters new links, these links are easily unblocked in your region no matter in which country you live. The Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites help you unlock the content without any hassle.

We recommend you always use the best VPN services while going through these Tamilblasters proxy and mirror sites.

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